Chwilio uwch

Ieuan ap Tudur Penllyn, 1433/40–c.1500

Ieuan ap Tudur Penllyn is the author of poem 64a, in which his father, Tudur Penllyn, who was also a poet, is satirized. Guto composed a similar satire on Tudur (poem 46) and Tudur then composed a poem to defend himself (poem 46b). The subject of these poems is an account (probably fictional) of how Tudur’s testicles were bitten off by a wolf.

Ieuan could trace his lineage back to Meirion Goch, a nobleman from Edeirnion who founded the lineage of Rhiw in Llŷn. The genealogical table below is based on WG1 ‘Meirion Goch’ 1, 3, ‘Rhirid Flaidd’ 3, 8; WG2 ‘Meirion Goch’ 3A.

Lineage of Ieuan ap Tudur Penllyn

As is shown, Ieuan was a nephew of one of Guto’s patrons, Einion ap Gruffudd of Llechwedd Ystrad.

His career
Ieuan was born c.1433–40, probably in Caer-gai in the parish of Llanuwchllyn, and died around 1500, his floruit stretching from c.1458–65 to the end of the century. There are 15 poems attributed to him comprising of eulogy, elegy, petitions and satire. His patrons include members of the families of Abertanad, Mold, Ynysymaengwyn and Gwydir, and like many other poets he sang to Abbot Dafydd ab Owain. As well as his father, both his mother, Gwerful daughter of Ieuan Fychan, and his sister, Gwenllïan, were poets. See further, GTP; DWB Online s.n. Ieuan ap Tudur Penllyn.