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Ieuan Deulwyn, fl. c.1460–88

Ieuan Deulwyn was one of south Wales’s most notable fifteenth-century poets. Guto composed a short elegy for both Ieuan and another poet, Dafydd Nanmor (poem 54). Compared to Dafydd, Ieuan’s poetry is relatively unknown. He seems to have been born in the vicinity of Carmarthen, although he may have been associated with Cydweli (ID viii–ix), and was active as a poet across Wales, including in Prysaeddfed on Anglesey and Raglan in Gwent. He was a notable love-poet and his debate poems with Bedo Brynllys of Breconshire under the patronage of Sir Richard Herbert provide an interesting discussion of fifteenth-century politics. See further ID; DWB Online s.n. Ieuan Deulwyn; Gruffydd 1922: 42–5.

His date of death
For a full discussion, see Dafydd Nanmor. Ifor Williams’s arguments for dating some of Ieuan’s poems (ID ix–xi) are unconvincing (as he himself admitted), yet there is no evidence that any of Ieuan’s poems can be dated after c.1488.

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