Chwilio uwch

Tudur Aled ap Rhobert of Yale, fl. c.1465–1525

This is a patron note for the poet Tudur Aled, for he is praised thus in a poem composed after he gave a dagger as a gift to Hywel Grythor (poem 121). As shown in the genealogical table below, Tudur’s lineage was quite impressive. It is unlikely that the poem belongs to Guto, yet it is worth noting that both he and Tudur may have met in Valle Crucis abbey c.1490, when he was very old and Tudur quite young (Fychan 1983: 59). They are connected in the manuscript traditions of poems 123 and 124. Further on Tudur, see DNB Online s.n. Tudur Aled; TA; CLC2 732–3; Fychan 1983.

The genealogical table below is based on WG1 ‘Bleddyn ap Cynfyn’ 1, 3, ‘Hedd’ 3, 5, ‘Rhys ap Tewdwr’ 1, 4, ‘Tudur Trefor’ 47; WG2 ‘Hedd’ 5F. See further Fychan 1983: 69–70. Those named in poem 121 are shown in bold print.

Lineage of Tudur Aled ap Rhobert of Yale

Fychan, C. (1983), ‘Tudur Aled: Ailystyried ei Gynefin’, Cylchg LlGC xxiii: 45–74