Chwilio uwch

Dafydd Llwyd ap Tudur of Bodidris, fl. second half of the 15th century

No poem by Guto for Dafydd Llwyd ap Tudur of Bodidris near Llandegla in Yale has survived, however in a poem he sang to Abbot Dafydd ab Ieuan of Valle Crucis in the final decade of his career, Guto tells us that Dafydd was one of his chief patrons at that time. In his poem requesting oxen on behalf of Rhisiart Cyffin, dean of Bangor, Guto asks for two oxen each from his four patrons, namely Abbot Dafydd, Siôn Edward of Plasnewydd, Siôn Trefor of Pentre Kenrick and Dafydd Llwyd: Dafydd, lliw dydd, Llwyd o Iâl / Dewrder a chlod ei ardal, / Haelaf a gwychaf o’r gwŷr / Ond y tad, oen Duw, Tudur ‘Dafydd Llwyd from Yale, like daylight, the bravery and fame of his land, / the most generous and most excellent of men / except for his father, Tudur, the lamb of God’ (108.33–6; the final line possibly suggesting that Tudur’s father was still alive). In another poem, Guto names the same patrons again, drawing attention to the warm welcome he would receive in Dafydd Llwyd’s home: Llys Dafydd, dedwydd yw’r daith, / Llwyd o Iâl, lle da eilwaith ‘Dafydd Llwyd of Yale’s court, / another great place, auspicious is the journey there’ (117.59–60).

The following poems for Dafydd Llwyd by other poets have also been preserved:

  • a praise poem by Gutun Owain (GO poem XL)
  • elegies by Gutun Owain (ibid. poem XLI) and Tudur Aled (TA poem LXXIV).

In addition, there are poems by other poets addressed to Dafydd Llwyd’s two sons, namely Tudur Llwyd, and Siôn Llwyd who became abbot of Valle Crucis following the death of Abbot Dafydd ab Ieuan in 1503. Three poets sang elegies for Tudur Llwyd, who seems to have died from septicaemia caused by a splinter in his finger (GLM LXVIII.11–12):

  • Siôn ap Hywel (GSH poem 8)
  • Tudur Aled (TA poem LXXIX)
  • Lewys Môn (GLM poem LXVIII)

and four poems addressed to Siôn Llwyd, the abbot, have survived:

  • two praise poems by Tudur Aled (TA poems I, XXVIII; CTC 161, 167)
  • a poem ‘To request a crowther and worrying about getting him’ by either Gruffudd ab Ieuan ap Llywelyn Fychan or Siôn Phylib (CTC 158)
  • a praise poem by Lewys Môn (GLM poem LXVII; CTC 165).

The lineage is based on information given in WG1 ‘Sandde Hardd’ 10; WG2 ‘Sandde Hardd’ 10A; GO 223. Guto’s patrons are underlined.

Lineage of Dafydd Llwyd ap Tudur of Bodidris

In 1468–9 Dafydd Llwyd married Mallt, the heiress of Gronw ab Ieuan ap Dafydd Llwyd of Hafod-y-bwch and Bersham; she descended from the Hendwr family (GO 223, 225 and Pen 287, 349). Their son, Tudur Llwyd, married Catrin daughter of Siôn Edward of Plasnewydd in Chirk, one of the four patrons whom Guto named in poems composed in the last decade of his life as noted above.