Chwilio uwch

Einion ap Gruffudd of Llechwedd Ystrad, fl. c.1450

Two elegies for Einion ap Gruffudd of Llechwedd Ystrad in Llangywer have survived, one by Guto (poem 42) and another by Lewys Glyn Cothi (GLGC poem 232). Madog Dwygraig composed two elegies for Einion’s great-great-grandfather, Gruffudd ap Madog (GMD poems 1 and 2), and Tudur Penllyn composed a poem to request a horse from his son, Ieuan (GTP poem 34).

The genealogical table below is based on WG1 ‘Bleddyn ap Cynfyn’ 1, 43, ‘Meirion Goch’ 3, ‘Rhirid Flaidd’ 1, 3, 8; WG2 ‘Meirion Goch’ 3A, ‘Rhirid Flaidd’ 3A. People who are named in Guto’s elegy for Einion are shown in bold print, and the patron’s name is underlined.

Lineage of Einion ap Gruffudd of Llechwedd Ystrad

Like most of Merionethshire’s noblemen in the fifteenth century, Einion was descended from Rhirid Flaidd, lord of Penllyn. According to the genealogies, Einion had two older sisters, Morfudd and Gwerful, and a younger brother, Ithel. He was married three times, firstly with Gwenhwyfar daughter of Ieuan, second with Siân daughter of Gronw of Elfael and third with Tanw daughter of Ieuan Fychan. No children are recorded for Einion and Siân. Interestingly, Tanw daughter of Ieuan Fychan was a sister of Gwerful, Tudur Penllyn’s wife.

There is some uncertainty concerning Einion’s lineage. In the genealogical table above, Rhys, Einion’s grandfather, is shown as a son of Gruffudd ap Madog, but it is possible that he was in fact a son of Ieuan ap Gruffudd, who is shown as his brother above (GTP 129). Ieuan was a famous soldier who died c.1385, and his effigy can be seen in Llanuwchllyn church.

The date of Einion’s death in unknown. Guto states that he was buried in the church of Pennant Melangell. It seems that Einion’s ancestors were associated with the region of Pennant Melangell (42.25–7n), and Gresham (1968: 176–8) suggests that it is his great-great-grandfather whose effigy stands in the church to this day.

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