Chwilio uwch

Gruffudd Fychan ap Gruffudd Deuddwr of Collfryn, fl. c.1406–48

Guto composed a poem of praise (poem 83) for Gruffudd Fychan ap Gruffudd Deuddwr. Another three poems for him survive:

  • a poem of praise by Hywel Cilan, GHC poem I;
  • an elegy by Hywel Cilan, ibid. poem II;
  • an elegy by Ieuan ap Hywel Swrdwal, GHS poem 28.

Furthermore, Hywel Swrdwal composed an anachronistic poem of praise for Gruffudd’s great-great-great-grandfather, Meurig ap Pasgen, and Meurig’s two brothers (GHS poem 17). A few poems of praise for Gruffudd’s sons have survived:

  • for Dafydd Llwyd ap Gruffudd Fychan by Hywel Cilan, GHC poem IV;
  • for Dafydd Llwyd by an unknown poet, Salisbury 2006: poem Atodiad;
  • for Llywelyn ap Gruffudd Fychan, GHC poem VI.

Hywel Cilan also composed a poem of praise for Gruffudd’s grandson, Gruffudd Penrhyn ap Llywelyn (GHC poem VII). Further on the poetry, see Roberts 1980: 70–3.

The genealogical table below is based on WG1 ‘Bleddyn ap Cynfyn’ 9, 10, 11, ‘Gwyn ap Gruffudd’ 3; WG2 ‘Gwyn ap Gruffudd’ 3C. The names of Guto’s patrons are underlined.

Lineage of Gruffudd Fychan ap Gruffudd Deuddwr of Collfryn

As is shown, Gruffudd was a brother-in-law of one of Guto’s patrons, Dafydd Cyffin ab Iolyn of Llangedwyn. Furthermore, his wife, Mali daughter of Iolyn, was a cousin of two of Guto’s patrons, namely Hywel ab Ieuan Fychan of Moeliwrch and Sieffrai Cyffin ap Morus of Oswestry.

His career
Gruffudd lived in Collfryn in the commote of Deuddwr, part of the lordship of Powys. There is evidence that he was a burgess in Welshpool in 1406 and in Llanfyllin in 1448, and he held land in Mechain Uwch Coed (GHS 206). On the basis of his warlike disposition, which is reflected in the compositions of the poets, and some references in them which suggest a connection between his family and Owain Glyndŵr, he and one of his sons, Llywelyn, may have fought for the lord of Sycharth (Salisbury 2006: 143). It appears that he died sometime early in the second half of the fifteenth century (GHS 206).

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